Starting a Blog

I’ve decided to start blogging along with learning as many “new” technologies & workflows as possible. When I say new, I mean new for me. Some of these frameworks and methods have been around for a couple years or more, but I haven’t gotten a chance to learn them yet. So I’m giving myself a crash course.

I plan to start with an AngularJS app for managing Funko Pop collections. Along with the AngularJS app I’ll be making an API with Lumen to access the data from my Funko Pop database. None of this is crazy or revolutionary, but they’re fun projects to me and my hope is my little blog might one day help someone (hell, might even be me in a few weeks when I start another project and forget what I did) who had the same questions as me but found it incredibly difficult to find the answers on Google (is it just me, or does Google never know how to answer you anymore?).

I’ll write some more later today regarding what I’ve already accomplished and the issues I came across. This is basically just my welcoming post, explaining why I’m starting a blog.

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